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Here are pointers to some of my favorite recipes for barbecue - and they're tried and true.  Drop back from time-to-time as I'll be adding more authentic, tested, mouth watering recipes.

The Main Course

  • Smokey Beef Ribs - Falling off the bone and infused with smoky, beefy flavor.
  • Classic Spareribs - This is the real thing! The ribs come out chewy, moist and tender.  Served with a South Carolina style finishing sauce that will guarantee serious finger lickin'.
  • Pulled Pork Barbecue - When someone from the south, especially North Carolina, mentions barbecue, this is most likely what they're thinking about. bbq sandwich.gif (36929 bytes)
  • Bourbon Glazed Ribs - This incredible delight will give you an entirely new appreciation for Kentucky.
  • Smoked Turkey Breast - Once they've had this the family will never again ask for smoked turkey from the local market's deli department.
  • Smoked Stuffers - That big ole Perdue bird melts in your mouth and if your lucky enough to have leftovers try this fantastic smoked chicken salad.
  • Beer Butt Birds - Sometimes called Chicken on a Throne my kids cut right to the chase and calls 'em like they sees 'em!

Sauces and Rubs

  • Carolina Style Barbecue Sauce - If you only try one recipes from this collection this is the one!   A sweet and spicy finishing sauce that'll have 'em begging for the recipe.
  • Marinade and Mopping Sauce - Vinegar and mustard do wonderful things to grilled meats and there won't be any charring when you baste with this.
    BBQ ribs.jpg (6992 bytes)
  • Pig Pickin' Sauce - Sweet and tangy vinegar sprinkled over barbecued pork.  Oh, my!  Heaven's got to be a little like this.
  • Song of the South Dry Rub - Not too sweet and not too peppery, this blend is perfect for rubbin' down those pork butts.
  • BD's Favorite Rib Rub - From the modern bible of barbecue, Smoke and Spice, by the Jamison’s, comes the perfect rib rub.

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