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Big Daddy's Best Barbecued Spare Ribs

This is the real thing! The ribs come out chewy, moist and tender. Use pork spareribs only. The baby backs are fine for grilling but don’t have a high enough fat content to be useful for long, low temperature smoking. Allow about 1 lb. of ribs per person.

a bunch of pork spare ribs
1 cup Favorite Barbecue Rib Rub
1 cup Big Daddy's Carolina Style Barbecue Sauce


The evening before you are going to cook the ribs prepare about 1 cup of Favorite Barbecued Rib Rub for every 6-8 pounds of ribs. Rub the ribs well with the seasoning.  Put ribs into plastic bags (plain old supermarket plastic bags work fine) and allow to sit in the fridge overnight.  While preparing the smoker for cooking allow the ribs to come up to room temperature by removing them from the fridge.

Place the ribs in the smoker and cook at 200 - 225 degrees. Smoke about 5 hours, or until the meat is pulling noticeably away from the ends of the bones. Coat with Big Daddy's Carolina Style barbecue sauce and smoke an additional hour.

Remove to cutting board and slice ribs down between the bones and serve with more sauce on the side.

Pig out.


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