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How to Cook
  • Beautiful site with a lot of useful information and great looking recipes (they've got a meatball recipe I'm dying to try.)  Plus it's highly recommended by Ms. Michelle's girl scout troop.
Food Network TV
  • Selected recipes from the many cooking shows seen on the Food Network.  Consistently high quality and dependable. It's especially useful because a search will yield different versions of a recipe, as created by the different star chefs.
  • Sponsored by Gourmet and Bon Appétit magazines.  Tons of recipes as well as general cooking information.  Some recipes work much better than others, so I recommend checking the reviews at the end of each one.
Cook's Illustrated
  • Outstanding recipes from one of the best magazines for home cooks.  It requires you to be a subscriber to access the site, but it's worth it.  If you subscribe to their magazine, which I do, and which I recommend without reservation, then online access is free.
The Boston Globe
  • Excellent collection of recipes from the newspaper's weekly food section.  A broad mix.  Good stuff.
All About Food
  • Nice selection in Mastercook format.  Desert recipes, holiday recipes, chilies, recipes for the crock pot, jams, cobblers breads.  Pretty good copy cat selection.
Diana's Kitchen
  • One of my all time favorite food sites. Diana not only has a great site with great recipes but she is also the guide for "Southern Cooking", a food forum sponsored by
Mimi's Cyber Kitchen
  • One of the oldest and busiest food related sites on the web.  Tons of stuff. Recipes are alphabetical which hinders browsing. Lots of commercial sponsors.  Easy to get sidetracked.
Simple Cooking
  • The home site for the Simple Cooking newsletter.  A folksy communiqué subscribed to by many culinary notables.  A fun site but with only a smattering of freebies.  Eclectic.
The Internet Chef
  • Big site, lots of recipes, many excellent.  Some corporate sponsorship.
The Kitchen Link
  • Another huge site.  Lots of cooking related stuff.  Copy cat recipes, chat boards, recipe exchange.  Some commercial.
The Splendid Table
  • Sponsored by Minnesota Public Radio this is a super site.  Marvelous recipes!
The Recipe Box
  • Nice site.  Well organized.  Recipes easy to find.  Lots of additional stuff as well.
Star Chefs
  • Features recipes from famous chefs.  Interesting, but very commercial.  Hard to find your way around.
Cook's Recipes
  • Large, well done site with tons of recipes.  Newsletter subscriptions offered.
Great Food!
  • Find out all about the chefs, their food shows and schedules on PBS.  Recipes too.
  • Excellent site.  Nicely designed with dependable recipes.  Because it's based in Britain quantities are in metric form.  Some give both metric and U.S., but not all.  If that's the case use my conversion tables.

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