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Slow Brine for Poultry, Shellfish and Pork

This reduced-salt brining solution works just as well as the classic brine, it just takes longer to produce equal results.  While it takes longer to work it has the advantage of being easier to work with,  as it is less likely to over salt the meat. 

cup kosher salt or cup regular table salt
cup   sugar
1 quart   water

Combine all in a saucepan and gently warm until the salt has dissolved.  Brine should be refrigerator chilled when used.  To get it to the proper temperature quicker, dissolve the salt and sugar in cup of warm water, then add chilled water to total a quart.

Note:  To speed up the cooling process only warm about 1 cup of water with the salt and sugar.  Pour into 1 quart container, add ice cubes and then fill the remainder of the container with tap water.  Let stand for a few minutes and it should be chilled enough to use.


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