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Pork Chops Braised in White Wine

Dear wife created this while deciding what to do with some thick, lovely chops on an evening too chilly to fire up the grill.  It is as quick and easy as it is delicious, and now it finds its way to our dinner table frequently

4 thick center cut boneless pork chops
1 cup white wine (or sherry)
1 cup heavy cream
1 cup AP flour (see notes)
2 tablespoons unsalted butter (see notes)
1 tablespoon olive oil
~ 2 cups sliced fresh mushrooms
S&P to taste

Add the flour to a gallon baggie.  Season the flour liberally with salt and pepper. Place the chops one at a time into the seasoned flour and shake to coat.  Set aside.

Melt butter with the oil over medium heat in a skillet large enough to hold the chops.  Sear the chops 2 minutes on each side.  Add the wine and allow to come to a simmer.  Braise the chops in the wine for 6 minutes.  Remove chops to a platter.

Add the cream to the skillet then add the mushrooms.  Increase heat to medium high and cook for 5 minutes stirring frequently.  Return the chops to the skillet to coat with the cream mixture and just heat through.

Serve with rice, whipped potatoes or egg noodles.


  1. Placing the chops into the fridge for a half hour or so after flouring them allows the flour to adhere better and is less likely to come off.  I will also re-flour them again just before browning.
  2. The butter will inspire flavor while browning the chops as the oil increases the smoke point of the butter.  This allows the chops to be browned at a higher temperature than just using butter alone.



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