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Pig Pickin' Sauce

In the south, and in particular Georgia and the Carolinas, barbecue means pork and nothing sweetens pork like a little vinegar. Sometimes a finishing sauce is used to punch up the flavor of good barbecue.  I recently had a wonderful sauce at the Village Grill in Tyngsboro, Massachussetts that Chef Michael makes with Jack Daniel's bourbon; it was magnificent.  But if you want a little something extra without masking the delicious flavor of the pork try something like this.

Many variations on this theme can be found throughout the region – in South Carolina you’ll probably find a little mustard in the sauce while in the western regions of the Carolinas ketchup starts to creep in. What follows is the basic sauce that is sprinkled over pulled pork to add a little extra sweetin’ when it is piled on the buns.

1 Cup Cider vinegar
1 Tablespoon Brown sugar
1 teaspoon salt, or to taste
teaspoon Ground cayenne
teaspoon Ground black pepper

Combine in a large container and let stand overnight in the fridge. Will keep almost forever.

After the pork has been pulled sprinkle the meat with the sauce (to taste) and toss. Allow the tossed meat to sit for a while before serving so the sauce can work it's magic. The meat will be sweet and juicy. Serve additional sauce at the table.


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