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Pesto Sauce

Every since my wife and daughter discovered the joy of freshly made Pesto during a visit to northern Italy a couple of years ago it has become family favorite and a staple at our dinner table.  Pesto is traditionally thought of as a sauce for pasta but it is delicious served as a sauce for vegetables or mixed with a little cream cheese and spread on crackers.  How ever you serve it will be a delight.

When first "invented" in Genoa it was processed by hand using a mortar and pestle.  In fact the word pesto means "pounded."  But today it can be made just fine with a blender or food processor.

1 cup   fresh basil leaves, lightly packed
4 cloves   garlic
cup   pine nuts
teaspoon   salt
cup   olive oil
cup   grated Parmesan cheese
teaspoon   black pepper

Put all ingredients, except the cheese, into a blender and whir until pureed.  If you wish to save some this will keep in the freezer indefinitely just make sure to save the mixture before adding the cheese.  When ready to serve stir in the cheese until thoroughly combined.

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