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Magic Miso Marinade

I borrowed this marinade from a great roasted duck recipe by Tyler Florence.  He's the "Food 911" chef on the FoodTV Network.  This makes enough to marinate a whole duck or chicken, so reduce the amount accordingly if you just want to marinate some ribs or chicken pieces.  Allow a whole bird, or slabs of ribs, to marinate overnight.  Chicken pieces should be at least a couple of hours.  Also be careful about using this on anything you need to grill over direct heat, or for long periods of time, because the sugar in the honey is likely to char excessively.

1 cup    honey
2 cup    soy sauce
1 cup    cold black coffee
cup    finely chopped fresh ginger
cup    miso
cup    light brown sugar
1 whole    orange, juiced
1 whole    lemon, juiced
1 whole    lime, juiced

Combine all ingredients.  If marinating a whole bird, stuff the cavity with the citrus peels while marinating and remove before roasting.  Otherwise they may be discarded as soon as they are juiced.


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