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Chocolate Frosting

A delicious all purpose chocolate frosting.  It's easy to make and frosts a two layer 8" round cake.  Compliments of Cathy Lowe.

3 cups confectioners sugar
3/4 cup unsweetened cocoa (such as Hershey's)
1 stick butter, softened
3-4 tablespoons heavy cream (see notes)
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Sift sugar and cocoa together in a large bowl.  In a mixer bowl combine 1 cup of sugar with the butter and 1 tablespoon of the cream, beating on medium speed (see notes) until smooth.  Add another cup of sugar and another tablespoon of cream, beating well.  Continue until all the sugar and cream are combined and the frosting is fluffy.  Now beat in the vanilla



  1. When first beating the sugar and chocolate start at a slow speed until combined.
  2. It may be necessary to increase the amount of cream to achieve the proper consistency for the frosting.  Its ready when it spreads easily onto the cake.



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