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King Arthur Flour
  • Baker's heaven.  Well presented, easy to find your way around and the complete King Arthur catalog on-line.
Penzey's Spices
  • Great site for spices.  All higest quality.  Includes tips and ideas for usage.  Highly Recommended.
Pendery's Spices
  • The orignal purveryor of chili powder.  This site is excellent for its selection of dried and powdered chiles.
Trader's Joes
  • Advertised as a different kind of grocery store TJs carries wonderful stuff at very reasonable prices.  I include it here because of their intention to begin a mail order house.
  • Purveyor's of organic and health foods.
San Francisco Herb, Co.
  • Another nice site for spices.  Not as well done as Penzey's but competitive.